Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Voters Speak

A smattering of caucus attendees in Iowa, a state with a population 2/5 that of New York City, has given Romney, Santorum and Paul legitimacy in the media horse race. Today, New Hampshire, a state with a population 1/6 that of New York City's, speaks. Both states, also, are distinctly people-of-color-challenged.

Romney was attacked as saying he 'likes to fire people', referring to his experience as a M&A vulture at Bain Capital. This was a distortion. He said it in terms of demanding that he have the right to choose or dismiss a 'health care provider', a right which the Obama health insurance reform bill supposedly threatens. That, of course, is utter falsehood. He should have been called on that.

Yo, Mitt? Wombat here...

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