Monday, January 16, 2012

Remember: Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

When he died, he was working for striking unionized municipal trash haulers, looking for economic justice, and against the war in Vietnam, looking for international justice. He had a dream. A larger dream than he's oft credited with, one encompassing all of us, a world full of us. The content of his character. worth remembering, that.


ms fahrenheit said...

The movement he led is one that has not been able to be duplicated even though the example was excellent and other movements of a similar kind are most needed.

That speaks to how difficult and amazing the civil right movement was and to what a brave man MLK was.

ProfWombat said...

All true; I'd add that many forces conspired to marginalize King, bring him down and divert the movement. And that was more and more obvious the more King sought economic and international justice as well as civil rights

(and hi--good ta see ya)