Monday, November 8, 2010

Re: Pelosi

The Republicans say they've won, they claim a mandate, they say they speak for the angry majority. Fine. Don't let them do most of their work behind closed doors, behind anonymous holds and 'gentlemen's' filibusters. Hang every last 'victory' they achieve for their positions around their necks. They think most Americans want Boehner, DeMint and McConnell to prevail? Fine. I welcome the ever more frequent appearance of their easy manner and light populist touch. Oh, yes--and every Democrat, considering how to respond, should read Dionne on Pelosi, which you also posted:

'Yes, there are valid political reasons for House Democrats to change leaders, especially in light of Pelosi's poll numbers. But there's an argument rooted in justice that the person who built their majority should have a shot at winning it back. And aren't Democrats tired of reflexively capitulating to the other side's narrative? That is what Pelosi is counting on.'

I expected that the right would caricature her, between her effectiveness, progressive beliefs and her unseemly y-chromosome deficiency. But it'd be really special were the Democrats to notice that striving, seeking, finding and not yielding is sometimes to be preferred over conceding your opponent's points, sometimes even anticipating them before they're even made, and then bemoaning their success before the electorate...

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