Sunday, September 12, 2010

Willie Sutton Isn't Enough

Krugman, responding to the David Brooks column I bloviate about below, noted a few days ago that people went into financing and consulting rather than manufacturing because, like Willie Sutton, they saw that's where the money is. Docs go into dermatology and plastics rather than primary care and, even, general surgery, because that's where they can earn big bucks with short hours and far less administrative headache, and pay back their average $150,000 educational debt faster. Companies like GE and GM make as much or more money from finance and consumer loans as from manufacturing. Meanwhile, the right ceaselessly pounds the drum of individual responsibility (always for others, though, never for themselves) and the efficacy and moral privilege of 'free market' solutions to our woes. Dangerous, stupid, greedy, self-serving crap, that, and anyone who isn't greatly privileged sees it in a minute.

I'm going to buy Obama a little dog, named Fala. Maybe that'll help.

If you never read FD Roosevelt's 'Fala' speech, click on the link to see how a master did it. Obama could do that. He damned well should.

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S Brennan said...

Obama could do that...and he will too...the minute it'll have no effect.

Stop waiting for Obama to do the right thing without a knife to his throat.

Obama will do the right thing when he sees his tribe call for his ouster.