Friday, March 11, 2011

The Government is Here To Help You

Their policies will not work. A lot of people have heard lots of bloviation about the deficit, and accepted it at face value because it's presented in a manner that confirms their prejudices while denying common humanity to others during tough economic times. Traditional, all this, happens again and again. But implement those policies, and a lot of people are going to notice that, in fact, government supplies a lot of things they need and count upon. People will get hurt. It'll be a lot less abstract. That, too, is traditional, and will result in change, as it has in the past. But many people will be hurt, for years if not decades. And they should meet far more resistance than they are.

The Wisconsin affair, and those such as in Michigan who emulate Walker's program, will mobilize opposition, perhaps revitalize the labor movement, which has historically been a wellspring of the left. If it doesn't, then we'll just have to wait until the consequences become so unendurable that it'll happen. People forget that liberal social policies didn't come out of thin air, or out of a malevolent socialist conspiracy, but in response to actual social needs. It'd be nice were it not to take catastrophe to remind them of the fact.

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Ruth said...

I find that my kids are really not at all taken in by any sort of ads, and that reassures me. Our generation grew up in a historical context that was used by massive advertising to draw on our faith in essential good will to sell us stuff we didn't want, didn't need and couldn't use. The kids learned better by observing how this worked. I think that Jon Stewart's representing the most trusted news reporter to this generation is very promising.