Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tears of the Great Pumpkin

Gail Collins is great this morning on our next Speaker of the House's propensity to cry:

“He is known to cry,” the outgoing speaker, Nancy Pelosi, told Deborah Solomon in The Times Magazine. “He cries sometimes when we’re having a debate on bills.”

Pelosi, of course, does not cry in public. We will stop here briefly to contemplate what would happen if she, or any female lawmaker, broke into loud, nose-running sobs while discussing Iraq troop funding or giving a TV interview.


O.K., moving forward...

We will stop again briefly to imagine what would have happened if Nancy Pelosi, upon being elected speaker, had confessed on national TV that she was unable to visit schools in her district because the sight of little children made her break into sobs (as has Boehner--ProfW).


O.K. About Boehner...

---Any feminist would recognise the double bind applied here to Pelosi that won't be demanded of Mr. Pumpkin at all. The essence of the right's game is that its rules exclude even the possibility of someone else winning. Once that's understood, it's a short logical step for anyone else to refuse to play it.


Ruth said...

The blubbering of the yella fella does indeed display for anyone who has missed it the total lack of application to their own number of their standard of conduct as applied to progressive/rational Others. Do not forget that when Hillary showed a moment of waivering voice and teary eye during the campaign, her ability to stand for the presidency was immediately declared vacated. Yet some one in the third place for that office, constantly sobbing publicly, gets no such verdict. Of course not. The right wingers don't pretend they have any standards outside of purely political ones.

ProfWombat said...

And if Hillary Clinton had been elected, she'd have been every bit as much of a ballbusting bitch as Obama has been a crypto-Kenyan.