Saturday, October 23, 2010

Er, Uh, There's a War On

Bob Herbert, reminding us that we're, er, at war:

The idea that the United States is at war and hardly any of its citizens are paying attention to the terrible burden being shouldered by its men and women in uniform is beyond appalling.

We can get fired up about Lady Gaga and the Tea Party crackpots. We’re into fantasy football, the baseball playoffs and our obsessively narcissistic tweets. But American soldiers fighting and dying in a foreign land? That is such a yawn.

With respect to Phil Ochs:

Well, I'm a manly man, I hate those Taliban,
But I think you gotta see
That somebody's gotta go over there
And that someone isn't me!
So I wish you well--Sarge, give 'em hell,
Kill me a thousand or so:
And if you ever get a war without blood and gore
I'll be the first to go!

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BlakNo1 said...

IMAO, the only thing that will change this sad state of affairs is reinstating the draft. It seems to me that with an all volunteer armed forces you only get the people who REALLY want to serve and the ones who have no where else to go, no in-between.