Thursday, July 29, 2010

Children of the Corn

It seems ever more obvious to me that those calling most loudly for personal responsibility, and denouncing government as intrusive on it, are those most obviously lacking in it. A redefinition of personal responsibility as applying only to one's own life, as a concept that specifically excludes responsibilities to others, isn't really much of an adult act.

In which context, I hear right wingers tell me that those permissive lefty Dr Spock readers (righties obviously never actually read Spock) have destroyed a culture awash in marketing, advertising and crap aimed at consumption as the ultimate good, in and of itself, from cradle to grave. They scream about the death of God, while attending the Church of Wal-Mart. They denounce 'elitists' and their 'junk science' without the slightest regard for either intellectual rigor or the possible consequences of error. They demand attention to countless non-issues, and denounce any meaningful attempts to define and solve real ones.

Not very adult. Not very sane, either. And, sometimes, it just beats the shit out of me how they can get away with it, and why we let them.

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